We look for the magic in brands and lift them beyond the dry rationality of strategy because, ultimately, they succeed or fail in the real world of everyday life.


Jovia | Bank on the Bright Side

Creating a plan to build Jovia into the Innovative Credit Union of the Future.


Carpenter Technology | Build a Better Future

Recasting a global enterprise for success in the new digital era.

Booker | Otto Brand Lab

Booker | Be Free. Enjoy Your Work.

Booker liberates its customers’ lives from senseless hurdles, freeing them up to enjoy their work, their way of life, their choices.

Hammermill | Otto Brand Lab

Hammermill | Paper for Life

How do you take a 100 year old paper company and bring it to life in the digital age?

410 | Otto Brand Lab

410 Tenth | The Creative Alternative

Reimagining a former printer's building to attract creative companies and premium brands.

M2 | Otto Brand Lab

M2 Aerials | Vision in Motion

How do you enable a B2B technology company to position its division in the visual entertainment industry and appeal to consumer brands and broadcasters?

BASF | Otto Brand Lab

BASF | Science Academy

To excite grade-schoolers about the science of chemistry, we created the character, "MorpH", who changes form, reflecting the vast array of scientific possibilities.

Nike | Otto Brand Lab

Nike | My Time is Now

Passion and performance combine to help Nike unify a nation.

Citizen Stock | Otto Brand Lab

Citizen Stock | Fake People Suck

Otto Brand Lab first developed a brand identity that captured the universal spirit of portraiture in a single word: “Smile!”

International Paper | Otto Brand Lab

International Paper | Set Your Ideas Free

A high-tech creative approach that stunned the marketplace and redefined how value is measured in the world of digital paper.

Curtis Institute of Music | Otto Brand Lab

Curtis Institute of Music | Where Legends Begin

We helped to articulate the magic that happens within these storied halls and to engage new donors to help maintain and support the future of music.

Rosas & Xocolat | Otto Brand Lab

Rosas & Xocolat | Authentic Luxury

We started with a man, a dream, a broken-down old building and a rich history.

GE | Otto Brand Lab

GE | Reimagining a website as a solutions-based sales tool.

Imagine a website for a financial services giant that is engaging, informative and accessible anywhere, on any device. We did.

HOW | Otto Brand Lab

HOW | What Keeps You up at Night?

Help creative people see how the science in the product creates unlimited creative possibilities.

Ironside | Otto Brand Lab

Ironside | Minding Your Business

By using the company’s history as our bedrock we built a brand that could only represent Ironside Consulting Group.

Revolution Lighting | Otto Brand Lab

Revolution Lighting | The Power to Outperform

How do you create a brand to support a roll-up acquisition strategy and create a new leader in the market?

Keepwell | Otto Brand Lab

Keepwell | Blended by Nature Created by OTTO

Creating a lifestyle brand around a nutrition beverage.

Brickworks | Otto Brand Lab

Brickworks | Custom Bricks Made to Order

Creating a B2B brand for a truly creative company without sucking the fun out of it!

Huawei | Otto Brand Lab

Huawei | Faster to the Future

Evolve Huawei from a “Chinese Telecom Infrastructure Provider” to a “Leading North American Global Technology Brand.”

Joyous Shout | Otto Brand Lab

Joyous Shout | Chico Hamilton

Launching a brand dedicated to jazz, pushes the need for awareness and market distribution to a whole new level.