Heavy Rotation Vol. 5

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Heavy Rotation

Music is a constant source of inspiration for all of us at OTTO Brand Lab. See what’s playing in our creative space throughout the year @ 30 W 21st. ––– NY, CA When it comes to Christmas, the bedrock of any holiday music collection comes down to a list of first names: Frank / The Sinatra Christmas Album Ella / Wishes You A Swinging Christmas Herb / Christmas Album Dean / A Winter Romance Vince / A Charlie Brown Christmas Creating a Christmas album is not for the faint of heart. Many great artists have tried over the years and have fallen short—even the king of Christmas specials Perry Como couldn’t make a decent Christmas album. Below are two new albums that have been in heavy Xmas rotation at the OTTO Brand Lab offices. Kylie Minogue / Kylie Christmas Kylie obviously took this endeavor seriously. Building on the snow bunny aesthetic of the Phil Spector era was a great schema. Even her song choices are refreshing: the Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping with Iggy Pop as Santa, The Pretenders 3,000 Miles and the first Xmas disco jam we’ve heard, 100 Degrees, for her loyal fan base. Twisted Sister / A Twisted Christmas After listening to this, you would swear that Silver Bells was written as a metal song.