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What to Expect Foundation

Educate and empower moms in need so they can expect healthier pregnancies, safer deliveries and healthier, happier babies.

Moms Helping Moms.

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Their Story

When we are creating a brand for a non-profit, we know that they will be strapped for resources. For WTEF we created a brand that is flexible and can be used as a graphic language to tell their story helping expand their communications abilities without expanding their budget.

Project Scope

The Issue
The What to Expect Foundation (WTEF) is an organization that took the lessons from the famous book, “What to Expect When you are Expecting”, and rewrote them to meet the tremendous needs of underserved mothers. As the success of the organization and their Baby Basics program grew, so did the confusion surrounding the original book and the self-funded organization.

Do we remove the very name that gives the organization equity?
How do we continue to raise awareness and funds, when people are confused by the relationship between the two entities, the organization and the book?

The Strategy
From the start, we knew we had to define what the foundation was about. We met with Heidi Murkoff, the author of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, to understand her vision of the Foundation. We also met with Lisa Bernstein, the Director of the Foundation and her team, to get a true understanding of the impact the foundation has on peoples lives.

Through this process we learned that we had two distinct audiences: first, donors who were familiar with Heidi’s book; and the second (and primary) audiences, mothers, care givers and government agencies who come to the foundation because of the tremendous success of the Baby Basics program.

The key to getting this right, was to build off of the equity of the world’s number one pregnancy book, while being sure to speak directly to the people who know the foundation for their programs.

The Outcome
We developed a brand position that speaks to the heart of the WTEF offering: Moms Helping Moms. We created a brand that speaks to all moms.

Knowing we had multiple audiences, we developed a site architecture that gets to the heart of what matters most to all parties: the impact the organization has on a mother’s life. We feature first-hand video testimonials of the life-changing impact the organization has had on underserved moms. We feature videos of health care experts, government officials and Hillary Rodham Clinton on her global efforts with the Foundation.

Whether you are giving or in need, when you interact with WTEF, you understand the organization’s purpose. The language speaks directly to each audience whether you are an administrator ordering new materials or taking a class, or a donor who wishes to make sure that their money is going to make a difference.

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