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Sometimes messages crystalize by need. In the case of Revana, the idea of revenue capture came to life through the brand. When strategy and design align, the visual and verbal possibilities are endless.

Total Alignment

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Focal Point

The focal point of the Revana brand is an abstract mark based on the congruence symbol. The symbol serves the dual purpose of forming the letter "E" in the word Revana and connoting financial balance and harmony.

Image System

Increased efficiency, revenue capture and complete systems integration. Rather than show images of happy people working efficiently, OTTO decided to represent the idea of efficiency and harmony through common objects found in the office space. What would happen if everything worked together?

Graphic Language

Based on the fundamental elements of the brand, we were able to build a graphic language that could address the issues Revana customers faced.

Project Scope

The Issue
In the process of addressing its own operational effectiveness and improving revenue capture, Insight Imaging developed a suite of software and services—including clinical and business applications and back-office billing and collections services—to operate its centers more efficiently and profitably. This complete, turnkey solution virtually eliminates the uncertainties, errors and hassles associated with managing an imaging center business. It has added millions of dollars to Insight’s annual revenue that had previously been written off.

The challenge OTTO + RiechesBaird faced was to help our client turn this solution into a tool that would benefit the industry as a whole.

The Strategy
By creating the stand-alone brand—Revana—Insight Imaging is selling this suite of software and services to other imaging centers and/or hospitals—so that they too can benefit from increased revenue capture and operational efficiency.

Revana has the only solution that was created specifically to help imaging centers capture more revenue at every point in their business. By providing visibility of real-time contractual rates and other critical data, we enable imaging centers to collect the right amount, at the right time, from patients and their insurers.

The Outcome
Trying to capture the concept of “peace of mind” from a financial perspective is tricky. What does it mean when business goals and patient needs align? How does a business achieve balance? in the case of Revana we turned to the idea of congruence:

1) In agreement or harmony: institutional and departmental objectives are largely congruent.

2) Geometry (of figures) identical in form; coinciding exactly when superimposed.

The mathematic symbol for congruence became the centerpiece for their identity, as well as the heart of the messaging for their brand and product offering. When all of the pieces work together, everyone wins.

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