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Hewlett Packard MCF Videos

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HP Is Selling More Than Equipment

For the launch of HP MCF, we focused on knowledge and experience as the key value the organization provides. It is the combination of smart people and state-of-the-art technology that make HP an industry leading partner.

Project Scope

The Issue
After the acquisition of EYP, HP needed help explaining this new business, how it integrates with their existing services and the benefits of the company’s end-to-end Mission Critical solutions.

The Strategy
Companies that run mission critical facilities have zero margin for error. Consumers won’t accept the loss of phone service or a lost package from an online retailer. These facilities operate 24/7. What if you had a partner that took your worries away? What if nothing unusual happened today?

OTTO’s approach was to highlight the depth and knowledge that HP brings to mission critical thinking. From key operating capacity to energy conservation, HP has a complete set of end-to-end solutions, with a deep focus on R & D.

The Outcome
A series of videos and websites that demonstrate the breadth and depth of HP’s, MCF (Mission Critical Facility) capabilities. Executed in an understandable, down-to-earth manner these videos engage the viewer in a dynamic series of discussions. Packed with information, the viewer leaves the experience learning a lot, without feeling overwhelmed. This is a company that you can do business with. We solve problems, not just sell product.


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