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DV4 is a joint effort between OTTO and dcc, celebrating the power of design and visual communication. We called on an incredibly varied and talented group of photographers, art directors and print craftsmen to document these experiences.

From Sensation to Sustenance

Conceived / Edited / Directed / Designed / Written / Produced / Prepared & Printed by OTTO and dcc

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Visual Storytellers

We’ve asked some of New York's most accomplished visual storytellers to spend the last year exploring and documenting who, what, where, and how the people of New York relate to food. In this limited edition box set, we take you on 8 related journeys—a tour of NYC culinary stories and experiences.

From Sustenance to Sensation

Dv4’s edition, From Sustenance to Sensation, celebrates the vibrant and vital aspect of NYC culture. It’s about the people who make our city. It’s about the worlds they inhabit: from taco trucks, to soul food joints, to the high altars of the art of crafting a fine dining experience. It’s about sustenance—more than just a meal, it’s the people you share it with. It’s about that special grandmother’s recipe passed down and shared from every corner of the globe. It’s about different traditions coming together while some of the best chefs in the world work to perfect their art and deliver new and better sensations.

Project Scope

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