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7th Generation

Through a clean and focused design, the new retains the communal aspect of the original site, while firmly promoting sales and product engagement.

Learning to Sell Online

User Analysis / Web Strategy / Positioning / Website / Icon Development / Blog / Implement Rewards Program

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The Newsletter

The online newsletter has a true editorial quality, with easy access to past, present and related content.

The Blog

Based on the website design, the 7Gen Blog's clean design, flexible structure and clear features help to engage users and allow them to find the content they wish to connect with.


To help users find what they are looking for in an efficient manner, we created a system of icons that consistently guide key user functions. Intuitively, these symbols become graphic shortcuts.

Project Scope

The Issue
Seventh Generation is the nation’s leading brand of household and personal care products that help protect human health and the environment. With increased competition, Seventh Generation needed to reaffirm their place as the pioneering-leader in the marketplace.

Due to rising consumer demand for “conscious” products, it was important to communicate that Seventh Generation is a company that genuinely believes in the helping people live healthy lives and to separate the company from brands that are simply jumping on the bandwagon.

The Strategy
The increase in consumer demand has made it less important to explain the need for “conscious” products and focus on what makes Seventh Generation different. was one of the first consumer websites to build a community around their products and beliefs. The challenge for OTTO NY was to create a site that appeals to the consumers that have helped make 7G successful, while attracting a new broader audience. The site needed to strike the balance between purpose and the selling of product.

Starting with interviews and index cards, OTTO NY rethought the online 7G experience from the ground up with new designs for the website, blog and online newsletter.

The Outcome
OTTO created a user-centric design that enables visitors to find what they are looking for. Today, users can access products, coupons and rewards programs quickly and efficiently. For consumers seeking tips on green cleaning or learning how to support family health, the site has increased the options for networking and education.

The new site has been embraced by both the existing 7G Nation, as well as first time visitors. Special features and offers are served through a design that is fresh, contemporary and easy to navigate. The need to sell product exists in harmony with the want to make a difference.

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