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Passion and performance combine to help Nike unify a nation.

Nike U.S. Soccer

Strategic Planning / Image Creation / Messaging / Retail Experience VC

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Capturing Icons

Whether in a Performance or a Celebration moment, these soccer legends help to create an iconic moment of unity.

Cool and Illuminating

Originally conceived as a tool for explaining laser cooled technology, light became a theme that highlights the game experience as well as Nike's technological benefits.

Dramatic and Flexible

Depending on factors such as budget, square footage and benefit focus, OTTO created a flexible, branded system for a variety of Nike partners.

Highlighting Benefits

Nike U.S. Soccer jerseys are 100% recycled and still breathing.

S, M, L, XL

OTTO created a system for Nike that doesn’t sacrifice impact for budget. From a fully illuminated exhibit to a U.S. Soccer team, autographed jersey display.

Project Scope

The Issue
For the first time in history, both the Women’s and Men’s U.S. Soccer Teams are wearing the same uniforms. Nike needed to create a Visual Concept for retail partners that celebrates this historical moment and showcases the industry-leading technology woven into every uniform.

The Strategy
The visual theme OTTO created is based on two emotions: Performance and Celebration. We selected three athletes from each team—the link being that each member plays the same position as their male or female counterpart. By choosing poses that captured the proper emotion, we juxtaposed images of star athletes Alex Morgan and Clint Dempsey, Abby Wambach and Landon Donovan, and Hope Solo and Tim Howard creating a moment of unity.

To highlight Nike’s “Laser cooled technology” used in the design of the jerseys, we collaborated with HappyFinish,, to create images with light beams emanating from these icons of the game.

Light was also key component of the display system. Echoing the “lasers” in the imagery, we designed a light system that radiates from the product, helps to draw in visitors from a distance and highlights Nike’s innovative cooling technology.

OTTO took a “toolbox” approach which allows the system to scale to any size or shape.

The Outcome
Having created the overriding concept of Unity, OTTO NY was able to help Nike develop a flexible system that can transform a grand room, as well as energize a small space. A marquee image system combined with a flexible retail toolbox, helped  OTTO and Nike deliver a retail marketing system that can provide presence and core benefit messaging in any environment.

The end result is a high-impact brand experience that highlights the key features of Nike’s innovative technology. OTTO developed and designed a branded system that works at the Attract, Engage and Execution levels of the sales experience, enabling any partner to easily implement the Nike brand concept.

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