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Nature. Science. Life.

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| Project Scope

Science, Nature, Life

Science: Our products are grounded in leading-edge science and were developed by a REAL scientist.

Nature: Our products contain natural ingredients that feed the body and provide strength and energy, as opposed to many of our competitors that simply stimulate the body or provide supplements.

Life: Whether we are helping an ailing patient to gain strength or enabling a consumer to get the nutrients they need, our products are focused on helping people to live more vital lives.


Simple and to the point, this line originally read "created by nature, blended through science." We lost, it still works.

Color Spectrum

The variety of color combinations in the marks are based on the natural ingredients in the KeepWell products. Each flavor has a unique logotype taken from the fruits in each flavor.

KeepWell Flavors

With the limited palette of a 6oz. serving, we achieved shelf-presence by designing a bottle that is pure, unique and approachable. Each flavor is represented by a color-coded logotype which differentiates the flavors and helps people to remember the brand name.

KeepWell Website

The KeepWell foods website is friendly, approachable and acts as a resource for people trying to live a healthier life. The blog postings and up-to-date content, allow KeepWell customers to make sound decisions regarding a variety of heath related issues and trends. The look and feel of the site ties back to the core principals behind the brand: science – honest fact-based content; nature – nature based imagery; clean design; life – vitality, humanity.

Project Scope

The Issue
Help “newco” bring the formula for a science-based, nutrition beverage to the life.

The Strategy
We assembled a team of industry experts to help define the opportunity, the purpose and the audience for the product. After thorough industry analysis, the team developed a crawl, walk, run strategy that allowed us to build brand awareness through targeted audience-channels.

Based on 3 founding principals—science, nature, life—we positioned, named and packaged the new company and products as KeepWell foods.

The KeepWell Brand Promise: We have gone to great lengths to make this product as natural as possible and to deliver as many essential nutrients to the consumer as we can, in one convenient packaged serving. Based on this concise promise, we helped the company develop a focused strategy with tremendous growth potential.

The Outcome
The KeepWell name represents a way of life. What started as an idea for a product has now become a lifestyle. Through our positioning, naming and messaging we helped the company capture a brand idea that has people-appeal. We are no longer selling a beverage, we are providing “on-the-go” women and men nature-based and scientifically designed nutrition to stay healthy, active, and engaged in their daily lives. The products can take any form.

Through social media, public outreach and industry events, we have helped the company build market and consumer brand awareness, culminating in the first shipment of product and the planning for the next phase of development and distribution.

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