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To excite grade-schoolers about the science of chemistry, we created the character, "MorpH", who changes form, reflecting the vast array of scientific possibilities.

Science Academy

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Kids Lab

"Kids Lab" is a program sponsored by BASF, that introduces children ages four to twelve, to the world of science. The program is comprised of simple, hands-on experiments designed to excite kids about the practical science that happens all around them. The identity achieved the goal of being credible and approachable.

Science Academy

"Science Academy" is a sister program to "Kid's Lab", targeted at high school and freshman level college students. With an older target audience, the look and feel of the program needed to be more serious, as these are kids who are considering a career in chemistry. Key elements such as typeface and the beaker icon, were used for the Kid's Lab and the Science Academy to tie the two programs together.


As noted earlier, one of the key aspects of MorpH, is his ability to change shape and color. The character makes science friendly, while explaining the fundamentals of surface and materials science.

Project Scope

As with all of our projects, we dive into the problem and try to create concepts rather than executions. Yes, we still use paper and yes, we share ideas. It is important that all of our concepts can grow and expand. Ideas travel fast. We believe that a sketch has the ability to grow into something amazing. Before we put mouse to mac, we put ideas to the test.

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