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SL Green

It Happens Here!

SL Green Fifteenth Anniversary, Investor Communication

Concept / Design / Illustration / Art Direction / Content Strategy / Research / Writing / Production

| Project Scope

From Location to Destination

Featuring original photography by Jason Schmidt, these pages were printed on short-sheets that reveal historic images shot from the same vantage point—a very jarring before and after.

A Crystal Clear Strategy

Featuring transparent map pages that explain the companies multiple business and how they fit together around the NYC cultural and transportation hubs.

The Next NY

A section focused on the future of NYC, that was researched, written, edited and illustrated by OTTO NY.

Project Scope

The Issue
After fifteen years, listed on the NYSE, SL Green has grown to be New York City’s largest commercial real estate owner. How do we create a communication strategy that celebrates SLGreen’s accomplishments, while looking forward to a future of growth? How do we create a message that resonates with all stakeholders? How do we tell a story that works across all media?

The Strategy
Create a memorable story about SL Green that communicates a fundamental strategy that has lead  the company from a small IPO to NYC’s largest commercial real estate owner. Tell a visual as well as verbal story—the story of a company that has grown from the side streets to the avenues.

The Outcome
A focused message based on SL Green’s core strategy of buying properties close to the City’s transportation hubs—which just happen to be the cities most desirable corporate and retail locations.

“It” Happens Here
This is a theme that gets at the core of the SL Green message: Our investment strategy does not falter — it’s built around location and convenience. And we have been on target, again and again. We are New York real estate —a dominant presence at the heart of where people and businesses intersect.

While elevating “It” to be an active word:
In the world of real estate, New York City is where it happens…and, in the NYC real estate market, SL Green is it.

For the print annual report we utilized two core aspects of the print experience:
1.) You can—to a certain degree—control the user experience
2.) Use the physical nature of print to engage and inform the reader

The result is a book that uses good story telling as a vehicle to carry a consistent, engaging message through a variety of “print-interactive” chapters.

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