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Citizen Stock

Citizen Stock is the first stock photo agency devoted solely to portraiture of "real people". We created a brand that captures the spirit of the portrait itself. Smile! The Citizen Stock positioning is the cornerstone of the brand. The key attributes above, define the brand culture.

Fake People Suck

Positioning / Branding / Tagline / User Interface / Website / Marketing

| Project Scope

Citizen Stock Smile

A SMILE speaks a thousand words. The most fundamental word for a portrait, became the foundation for our brand. Simple, smart, sophisticated.

Marketing Initiative

To promote marketing initiatives, we created a feature box that draws users into the key content areas. By balancing the homepage elements, we were able to create a dynamic promotional device that doesn’t compete with our main focus, the portraits.


The Citizen Stock website is the consumer’s primary connection with the brand. Because of the founders’ commitment to photography as an art, we worked hard to feature portraits as the centerpiece of the site itself. We see the user as our partner; their experience is the Citizen brand experience.

Key Words

Nothing beats a shirt! All of our promotions are built around the fundamental idea of an image search. We used the concept of “key words” to highlight the “real” photography featured on the site. By combining unique combinations of attributes, you get unexpected results.

Social Media

Unfortunately, just because a site is built, does not mean that an audience will come. To promote the Citizen site, we created a complete social media campaign. We utilized push-emails (above) along with Tweets, Facebook and press coverage to bring the site to the attention of our target audiences.

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