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Creating Numentum, a brand that redefines the buyer experience in the digital era

The way the corporate world does business has changed. Buyers are more connected and empowered than ever, but revenue teams are still stuck with old playbooks,

Technology alone is not enough. It’s time for a change.

The name comes from the integration of “New” and “Momentum”. It communicates a company focused on driving businesses and people forward with renewed energy and focus.


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Launched a sales training company in 2018, Empire Selling very quickly established a reputation for helping B2B organizations to survive and thrive in a digital environment.

During the course of training sales teams to utilize social media, Founder and CEO Dan Swift noticed a huge discrepancy between how companies were approaching buyers and the real potential of a different experience in an increasingly digital world.

Dan and his partner, Rebecca Takada, suspected that both the name – Empire Selling – and the company’s value proposition had to change if they were to reach the client C-suite and engage executives in growth-based conversations beyond sales training.


Working with Dan and Rebecca, the OTTO Brand Lab team set out to establish the client perspective on the true value Empire Selling delivered and then reposition brand around a clear growth strategy. Research confirmed that sales teams are under tremendous pressure to perform and be effective in the digital environment. The old methods simply do not work. A new set of skills, tools, and knowledge is required. In the new digital buying environment, sales people must embrace a new way of selling.

“What I thought they were at the beginning of the engagement with Empire Selling and what they delivered and enabled at the end are two different things.”

Empire Selling client.

The huge opportunity for Empire Selling was brought into sharp focus. Buyers have changed the way they buy. By equipping and inspiring sales people to be successful with new skills and competencies, they become an influential, thoughtful, visible, and engaging presence throughout the buying journey, thereby creating the revenue momentum they need for themselves and for the business.

It also became clear that the name had to change. Neither the Empire Selling name, nor the proposition behind it, conveyed the real value of what the company delivered. OTTO created the name “Numentum” to capture the energy and direction the company creates when sales teams are aligned with the revenue objectives of a company and empowered with digital tools to build pipeline, shorten sales cycles, and maximize deal sizes.

Numentum puts the total buyer experience at the heart of the sales process, fostering long-term relationships by delivering value at every stage of the buyer journey.


Untethered from the limiting and narrow specificity of sales and selling, Numentum is a brand with an unlimited future. It is free to realize its full potential a buyer experience consultancy built for the digital era. David Kohler and the OTTO team realized digital set out to capture the energy and direction inherent in the Numentum name to create a brand that takes its rightful place in the digital world while capturing the humanity of its approach.

“What we want to convey above all is powerful restraint,” says David Kohler. “Numentum is a strong, confident name. There is the word ‘new’ in there as well as ‘momentum.’ It has an energy that sets it apart from the timid, ‘me-too-competitive-set.”

The final logo candidate became a visual metaphor for the brandline ‘Driving Business Forward’ with a stylized letter ‘N’ pushing forward towards the gray wordmark. Support graphics further emphasize the energy and momentum of the brand with color gradations.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect in the beginning, but I knew we had to do something seismic to change understanding of who we are and what we do.” says Dan Swift. OTTO has achieved that beyond measure.”

“Revenue is a shared responsibility among everyone in the organization, not just sales and marketing. When you connect cross-functional teams and empower them to take ownership of their own brand and understand how their role benefits the greater revenue engine, the company literally sells itself. This is how Numentum helps, and now our brand accurately reflects that.”

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