Measure | Intelligence in Motion


How do we create a new category and move a company from selling a technology to selling an integrated solution? 


Measure is a provider of insights and analytics to energy, transportation and telecom providers. The company uses a drone-based technology solution to inspect facilities, gather data and enable customers to make informed decisions about asset management while achieving savings and reducing health hazards. In 2016, the company was struggling to penetrate the utility and telecom market in spite of having one of the most advanced technology solutions and a team of recognized experts.


OTTO Brand Lab was asked to conduct a comprehensive analysis and identify a brand positioning strategy to drive business growth. We were also asked to develop a new brand and website that would articulate the new strategy and support sales efforts.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Tagline
  • User Experience Mapping and Development


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Voice
  • Content Strategy
  • Website


  • Digital & Website
  • Sales Engagement

Inspired by the letter M and by drones, the Measure mark has a strong presence. The boldness of the execution defines professionalism in the corporate environment and functions as a symbol of high-tech know-how on all products in the field—serving as a sort of “bat signal” on the drones in the sky.

As a digital-first brand we created a suite of parts and tools that the client could use to create a cohesive, digital-first brand to fuel the digital content and marketing engines. From the complete brand messaging, the UI, and the icon system, to the image library and graphic system, all of the parts buttress the brand, providing strength and flexibility.


As with many similar early-stage companies, Measure had quickly outgrown its brand. Besides feeling a bit primitive from a design standpoint, the value proposition and messaging were out of focus and put the company at risk of being perceived as a commodity.

Messaging was focused on the generic advantages of the drone technology and not adequate to convey the level of credibility, reliability and sophistication that utilities and infrastructure companies were looking for.


Otto Brand Lab recommended a strategy designed to appeal to the strategic buyer by elevating both the messaging and the visual language to create a new category of intelligence. Measure had to come across as a forward-thinking partner with the data acquisition experts, scalable solutions and transformative intelligence able to allow customers to make the hidden obvious and deliver critical information at the speed required to amplify economic performance, ease of business and quality of life.

The new positioning was expressed around a new brand line: intelligence in motion.

Messaging Platform:

We then went through a comprehensive corporate identity redesign process. As is typical on OTTO’s identity design projects, we included an application study, showing how the new identity would be applied to several relevant touchpoints for the company.

The new visual identity was aimed at expressing an organization that is confident, expert, smart and agile.

Graphic System:

Working with their existing photo library and stock imagery, OTTO created a system of “engineering” overlays of lines and shapes that dynamically generate as you interact with them. This not only created a solution that the client could maintain it positioned the brand as a premium technology leader.


We placed extra focus on the website in the applications exercise because that would be the most important touchpoint for the organization as we took the new brand to market.

Measure’s website was already on the HubSpot platform when the company connected with OTTO, but it was not utilizing the robust platform anywhere close to its potential. We needed to completely re-architect the new site in order to optimize it for lead generation and sales enablement.

Measure knew that it was not taking advantage of the potential of inbound marketing methodology and HubSpot’s advanced capabilities, so our deep expertise in those areas were critical to helping the organization realize its growth goals.


“OTTO Brand Lab built an all-new website for, exceeding our expectations. They managed the project under a compressed timeline and created a website that successfully presented Measure as the expert in our space. Our conversion rates doubled, and we’ve been able to manage and grow the website to meet our needs over time. We appreciated OTTO’s ability to quickly understand our business and create a standout website that not only has great aesthetics but also fulfills our goals to elevate the Measure brand, present quality content, and attract sales prospects.”

— Carmen Smith, VP Marketing, Measure, Inc.