Heavy Rotation, Vol. 14

Music is a constant source of inspiration for all of us at OTTO Brand Lab.

Watch this space to hear what’s playing in our studios and put OTTO in your ears.



Currently these are the hot 8-tracks 2XL is cooking in The Lab @ 30 W 21st.

Led Zeppelin / Houses of the Holy

Velvet Underground / Live at Max’s Kansas City

New York Dolls / New York Dolls

Patti Smith / Horses

Ramones / Leave Home



Below is the soundtrack from Mike’s digital-dungeon-of-development where he has been surviving the dark months feasting on corn dogs:

Choir Boy / Passive with Desire

Death of Lover / Acrobat

Chromatics / Time Rider

Millencolin / Pennybridge Pioneers


Stay tuned for what’s next…