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International Paper

A high-tech creative approach that stunned the marketplace and redefined how value is measured in the world of digital paper.

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Brand Positioning / Advertising / Marketing / Messaging / CGI / Augmented Reality / Exhibit Design

| Project Scope

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

To drive home the cutting-edge technology behind International Paper's digital suite of paper, OTTO created CGI that visualizes a designer’s imagination. As the designer leaps from her computer screen portal onto a pile of papers that blow into steps, she soars through a window on a single sheet, watching as the papers transform into butterflies. She holds on tight and flies through the universe, the butterflies disperse, she wishes upon a star, all leading back to her dream. Take a close look, even the bed "sheets" are paper.

From sketch to interactive CGI, this concept takes you on a transformative adventure where anything a designer can dream of can be achieved using International Paper.

Form and function were key to help users easily find information for all product lines in the right side of the book, while designers can imagine possibilities in the left side of the book. The middle reveals a panoramic view of the full image, allowing users to explore and interact from one scene to the next.

Augmented Reality (AR)

As you hover over, watch as print comes to life in each scene of the illustration, launching an experience on your device activated through Augmented Reality: a behind-the-scenes video, an animation that brings the butterflies to life, a video that takes you through the steps involved in creating CGI, and lastly, a hidden poem in the book.

Fly the Butterfly — below
Activated by the cover image, watch as a butterfly tears away and lifts from a piece of paper, then flies through the air controlled by the user.

Print & Digital Advertising

We created ads to get people to visit the booth or contact the client. Using the initial “chalk” renderings, we provided a glimpse of what was to come while presenting the brand as high-tech. Then we made a flip book, animating the process from start to finish.

Interactive Exhibit — below

Under a giant scroll of paper, this exhibit announced International Paper’s digital paper suite. Visitors were surrounded by origami paper stars hanging down as they walked next to a curved large format display of a paper dream world. The play between physical and digital was the heart of the exhibit, which also featured an interactive bar with iPads. Visitors could explore hidden activities triggered by elements within the image or recharge their devices and watch a short film on the making of CGI.

Project Scope

The Issue

Help an industry leader demonstrate how their huge R&D investment has transformed their digital paper products into the best overall value in the industry.

International Paper (IP) spent significant resources to develop a superior suite of digital papers. Despite strong market pressure to rush product to market, they worked to perfect their products and even tested them extensively in the field before releasing them. The challenge they faced was overcoming the misperception that IP was sluggish while demonstrating that developing superior quality products takes time..

This was our time to shine…

The Strategy

  • Develop a branded system of parts—words, assets—to create maximum impact and to utilize across all customer touch-points.
  • Be transparent.
  • Use the true story to our advantage—we took time to make it the best we possibly could.
  • Push the science behind the paper—the art and science of paper.
  • Create something that causes a sea change in the perception of the IP brand.
  • Demonstrate how good the product really is.

The Outcome

Backed by killer imagery, strong messaging, and a tight, integrated suite of materials, this program raised the profile of International Paper’s digital brands while helping them redefine the conversation around value in the digital paper marketplace—a crucial point because digital printing is driven by efficiency.

We created materials that provide a long-term benefit by really pushing the products and demonstrating that they perform as well or better than anything on the market. As far as production goes, we did all of the things you are not supposed to be able to do to prove that this paper can perform at the highest level.

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