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Brick Works

Creating a B2B brand for a truly creative company without sucking the fun out of it!

Custom Bricks Made To Order

Brand Strategy / Brand Positioning / Brand Development / Tagline / Messaging / Marketing / Digital / Packaging

| Project Scope

Direct Marketing

Brick Works is so fun and unique. We knew if we got the product into people's hands, they would love it. Craft is a huge part of the brand. We created an industrial feel by producing the promo on a letterpress. Housed within a custom pouch, you receive a custom Brickworks character that is adhered to a board with the brand promise, “Promote your organization without sucking the fun out of it!”

We developed an identity based on the idea of a creative factory, a place where fun is made. We designed a pattern to represent the building blocks of the brand and the endless customizable opportunities. We even printed business cards on heavy weight stock to capture the brand’s balance of sophistication, industrial and punk, all at the same time.


In the spirit of the punk movement, we used inexpensive materials for maximum impact—from photo copied exhibits, to graphic black and white buttons.


A purposely stripped-down mobile-first website enables viewers to find out what’s new and quickly make a connection.

Project Scope

The Issue

To help a wildly creative business break into the B2B event marketing business. The founder is an artist who felt that creativity, collaboration and punk were all at the core of the product. He wanted us to help the business “appear professional without sucking the life out of it”.

The Strategy

  • Learn about the competition, do the opposite.
  • Develop a simple, yet clear brand position that anyone can remember.
  • Educate to our young members the history, philosophy and graphic language of punk.
  • Embrace low cost means as a powerful tool to create maximum impact.
  • Make the system easy-to-use and reproduce.
  • Make it graphic, say it loudly, make it fun.

The Outcome

When you are dealing with decision makers, sometimes projects with limited budgets can be most rewarding. This was that type of project. With a creative client who possesses a deep commitment to craft and quality, all of the core strategies behind the brand were embraced, adopted and exploded. The brand demands attention, slyly knowing that the product will live up to it with an edge and a smile.

We created a brand that is irreverent and constructive, industrial and sophisticated and most importantly, one that represents the company without sucking the life out of it!

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