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Jul 25 2017

What keeps you up at night?

Always at the vanguard of paper science, the team at International Paper are obsessively committed to creating products that foster creativity, giving designers the confidence to take risks and bring their ideas to life. International Paper wanted to highlight their product’s features, strengths, and flexibility, while also showcasing the creativity their papers enable. They turned to OTTO Brand Lab (OTTO) to create a memorable experience for the HOW Design Conference 2017.

Sometimes a simple change can have a big effect. Take the world of color, for instance. To create an experience with impact, OTTO turned to a powerful theatrical technique. In the 1920s, a theatre technician named Adrian Samoiloff developed the use of a color phenomenon to create a dramatic effect for the audience. By manipulating the color of lighting, the appearance of objects is radically transformed.

With this in mind, OTTO designed an environment and supporting poster, both printed on International Paper’s Accent Opaque. The designs make use of the Samoiloff effect, using different colors of light to transform what you see. In collaboration with illustrator Sean Mosher-Smith, OTTO employed this technique to help transform paper into two-dimensional and three-dimensional experiences.

For the content of the design, we built off of the theme of “What keeps you up at night?”, a theme that was sure to resonate with the conference’s audience of design professionals. From a design perspective, we highlighted designers biggest creative fears. Then we combined their concerns with a focus on how International Paper’s investment in paper science takes away the production worries of printing.

By utilizing the colors red, green, and blue, we developed two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces that reveal different stories depending on the color lenses you are looking through, or in the case of the exhibit, the color of lights that flood the room. As the colors change, the experience transforms what you see, highlighting product strengths and designers fears through deep story telling. Conceived as an experience for engaging designers and showcasing International Paper’s products, the exhibit became the heart of the conference.

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