OTTO is a creative agency committed to delivering unique branded communications and strategic, design-focused solutions.

Step 1:


The path to effective solutions begins with understanding. We begin by gathering as much information as we can about our clients, their audiences and how those audiences interact with the client’s brand. Then we boil what we’ve learned down to the central communications challenge.

Step 2:


Thinking and creating should be mutually determinative actions. Either one alone is wasted time. At OTTO we try to see a problem from as many angles as we can and bring our entire experience to bear on solving client challenges. Our deep understanding of those challenges can bring new and better answers, solutions that are not only effective but surprising and delightful.

Step 3:


Step 4:


Taking creative ideas out into the world is the best test of their effectiveness. We test our solutions on end-users, seeing what works and what could work better. We come away with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to improve them.

Step 5:

Refine and Extend

Another pass through the process of thinking, creating and testing takes our ideas from being provisional solutions to being tested, proven effective ones. Working with OTTO NY pays dividends short and long-term. Leveraging the experience we have gained in working on the project we look to extend our solution’s usefulness. While growth is a priority throughout the project process, rethinking, adapting and changing to meet emerging customer needs and make best use of new technologies is an ongoing process that helps our clients build off of their investment in OTTO.

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